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  • TheAmerican

    It feels like they gave away a lot, but they really didn't give away that much. Is it batman origin story where Bruce doesn't become batman until after Superman has his fight? Was he batman, then retired, then came back? Why does he really hate superman? That's not like batman to make judgements like that, so something big is left out. He's sort of a government ally at the end of Man of Steel, so with the public hearing does he become a full fledged government agent like in The Dark Knight Returns pt1 & pt 2 and is told to go after batman? Is that why batman doesn't like superman? Does the movie play Lex as a good guy for the first half of the movie, convincing batman that superman is bad or something? Is this Lex's origin story and Lex goes bald at the end and is revealed at bad? Then Wonder Woman. Is she coming from Themyscira to investigate superman or to defend him against batman? Is she a completely separate entity fighting superman and batman independently?

    So much hype. So much confusion.

    • jessdabess

      He's definitely been batman a long time. The robin suite nod to Joker killing robin is probably the biggest giveaway that this is a weathered batman.

    • Priest

      It feels like it will be a long movie to connect all those dots. Not that I'd mind that.