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  • AnitaClark

    The big dawgs typically thrive when others are having issues. Even if the author is right and they see an ad revenue hit of $44B this year, they will find a way to make it up...probably at consumers' expense.

    • nanosani

      Definitely yes, but I see a lot of data being shared about publishers (both small and large) and eCommerce stores getting hit by the recession. My point is that if you are a publisher, you should look for new ways of interacting with your audience. The old ways seem to be fading away. The big players survive the recession because they are quick to adapt to the new situations while small players still keep held up with the old ways.

      I like the ad revenue index provided by ezoic which shows the graph of overall ad spending across the ad industry. https://adrevenueindex.ezoic.com/

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