• Giacomo

    Let's just hope it lives up the hype!

    • Tessier

      I don't think that's possible. People expect way, way too much from it. I do think it will be interesting, but from what I can tell, it's a relatively small game with an extremely big world. How much there is to see, still depends on how many unique things developers have put in, an algorithm can vary things just so much. And gameplay, I guess, is kinda like Minecraft's resource collection & equipment upgrading on steroids, but in place of building and creating there's... I don't think there's anything.

      • the7egend

        I think it'll sell well, but I just don't think people will actually stick around and play it for any length of time. It's scope is huge, people like having objectives and when you put them in a giant open world where they can do anything, they get bored fairly quickly. Not sure what all 'quests' the game will have at this point, but if the game's quest system isn't as endless as the universe, it's going to run short on content.