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Published 2 years ago by iamsanchez with 8 Comments

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  • Gozzin

    And this whole pointless,psychotic, mindless rampage was supposed to accomplish what?

    • leweb

      It was supposed to accomplish pointless, psychotic, mindless goals. It’s what happens when you make guns available to deranged individuals because mah guns are sacred!

  • rishard

    School shootings are as American as apple pie.

    • iamsanchez

      Sad but true. It will be forgotten in a month or two and nothing will change.

      • leweb

        You mean a day or two.

  • Kelvis

    Not so fun fact: 17 people died in this shooting, 13 died in Columbine. This is how normal this has become. Every 2-3 days there's a new school shooting.

    • 66bnats

      According to Anderson Cooper, 150,000 kids have been at a school during a mass shooting since the Columbine shooting.

  • jcscher

    So many shootings at school,just tragic!

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