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Published 5 months ago with 11 Comments

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  • grandsalami

    Daylight is sooooo overrated. Amirite?

    • AdelleChattre

      It's just that the extra heat from all these many decades of bonus sunlight is a major factor in global warming. It's all written right there in the chemtrails, but you have to know Elvish to read it.

  • StarFlower

    I'm hoping this action by the EU will prompt other countries such as the US to follow suit.

    I'm all for either sticking to non-DST year-round, or sticking to DST time year round, but basically sticking to one time. Hopefully when the EU does it, other countries will see it's not too complicated and will do it. The thing that really bugs me is that most of the year, it doesn't matter anyway - in summer, the morning and evening commutes are both happening in daylight; in winter they're both happening in the dark. In other words, the days are long enough in summer and short enough in winter not to make any real difference to whether we have daylight savings or not, anyway.

  • happynjoyful

    I wish the US would do this too! I hate changing all the clocks every 6 months.

  • 66bnats

    Not this again, just leave it alone it's fine.

  • FF88

    Nobody really cares, do they? There are much more important problems to deal with in the world.

    • AdelleChattre (edited 5 months ago)

      Than everyone pointlessly redefining time twice a year? Agreed, we could find much better things not to bother doing anymore. Then again, why not get the easy things right before moving on to the harder poblems?

    • StarFlower

      I would have to say that this is one of the rare problems where fixing it results in making things easier for employers and everyone, than NOT fixing it. In other words, the fix results in everyone NOT having to have extra hassle. So if a problem can be fixed in such a way that it causes LESS work than continuing on with the status quo, why not fix it?!

  • lostwonder

    I Will enjoy this as soon as they have enough sense to stick with standard time.

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