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    3 years ago
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    My two cents of down voting

    There seems to be a bit of a controversy on the down vote arrow; that it should be used only for reporting content that doesn't apply to one of the tribes that it was posted to, and that people are using it to show their general disagreement with the post instead. These disagreements predate Snapzu and in my experience no amount of pleading or wishy-thinking is going to change the behavior of people at large. People will use the down vote arrow to sound off general disagreement; It's what it's used for.

    Instead of a down vote arrow there really needs to be a report button. When reporting a post you should then be required to select from a list of why it's not applicable to the tribe (repost, unrelated, illegal, etc...) and optionally leave an additional comment yourself. Additionally, how the number of reports effect it's standing in tribe feeds should be exclusive to the tribe that's reporting it. If you accidentally post a snap in the wrong tribe, that decision shouldn't effect the posts standing in other tribes that it was submitted to.

    Now I'm not saying that the down vote arrow should be completely abolished. There are examples of communities in that other site who hide the down vote through CSS. Likewise there are communities who fully embrace the use of the down vote arrow for what everyone uses it for. Down voting should be an optional feature for moderators of a tribe to select whether or not the down tally will be used in their own tribe's standings. Likewise it would be great if a user could elect to ignore down vote and have them not effect how content is ranked on their home/front page.

    Again, these are not my opinions because I think this is they way I think people should behave; these are my opinions on how to represent functions according to the way people do behave.

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  • Video/Audio
    3 years ago
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    One-on-One Conversation with New Horizons Scientist

  • Text Post
    3 years ago
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    Tested.com previews the new Battlebots!

    Over the past week or so Tested.com shot a few videos previewing the robots and the arena.




  • Current Event
    3 years ago
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    Heinz apologises after link on ketchup bottle directed to hardcore porn site

    When a German man scanned the QR code on a bottle of ketchup, he expected to land on a page about designing his own label. Instead, he was taken to a hardcore porn website.

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    3 years ago
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    Do all votes count equally?

    I've been reading through the FAQ and to me it's not clear if XP is a more arbitrary value. I understand that a very low score will basically shadowban the account, but I'm unsure if people with higher scores have more weight to their votes than people with average scores or if XP is just an arbitrary achievement feelgood variable.

    I bring this up because as with a lot of people I'm looking for a new place to share and gather information from across the web. While there's a lot of discussion on censorship from power mods on reddit, I remember when we all left Digg due to their problems with power users; a core group of users that had massive influence tied to their accounts and could dictate what was being discussed. Or corporate shills juicing their own accounts so they could dictate what was on the front page.

    I left Digg as reddit held a promise that every user has equal say on what is being discussed. I believe they are not holding to that promise, but for different reasons, moderator censorship. I wonder if Snapzu can hold to that promise itself. Can anyone clarify?

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