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  • StarFlower

    I'm always a little surprised when I see anyone wearing an Apple watch, or any kind of smart wristband (FitBit etc). It all too often doesn't really 'go' with whatever they are wearing, and always looks too big/bulky compared to actual jewelry or to a regular watch. Even with privacy considerations aside, I personally wouldn't wear it for stylistic reasons alone. And I'm not a person that's particularly into style or fashion, so that's saying a lot from me!

    • Gozzin

      I agree with you. I have zero interest in impressing strangers with my attire. Not into fashion or keeping up appearances. As the old saying goes:"Fashion is so ugly,they have to change it every six months."

      • StarFlower

        I hadn't heard that saying before! But it makes sense... yeah.... why would they change it every 6 months if it was ok?!

        • Gozzin

          Well my guess is to force everyone to buy new cloths so to look trendy,and up to date. Fast fashion is even worse.

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