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Published 10 months ago with 2 Comments
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  • kxh (edited 10 months ago)

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    Turn off my adblocker? Not going to happen.

    For anyone else who doesn't want to turn off their adblocker:

    • Gozzin (edited 10 months ago)

      Thanks, I'm not turning off my ad blocker. Personally,I hate vegans. They are so pushy,so condescending. I've explained to them that even if I wanted to be a vegan (I don't) I could not due to GI problems. They don't care and I've been told I should eat that way anyway...

      I also think much of the push to go Vegan isin't based on facts but profit to companies making the vegan foods. They can't do much with meat they haven't already done but plants and promoting it to people looking for an easy way to go vegan they see a $$$$. Being Vegan is hard and those companies that thought up hamburger helper now see an in with vegan helpers. Some people will eat it and think wow I am doing vegan not realizing they are being used for profit. They won't be helping the planet because the more veggies grown on mass factory farms means more herbicides and pesticides to pollute the earth. More water usage to deplete that resource. The need for farmland to produce more per acre than now. More GMO franken food. This will help keep the increase in cancer rising. Life spans will keep declining. More children dying because of childhood cancers.

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