• neg8ivezero

    If you're interested, I would love to hear your reasoning behind this. What evidence do you use to justify your claim that there are no gods of any kind in the universe?


    • zeroempathy

      I don't know that I would claim to have evidence or proof that there are no Gods, because I probably don't. I just feel its safe to take the leap from "there is probably no God" to "There is no God." I used to be a Christian who was full of doubt and looking for answers and asking questions. Why is there evil? If the earth is 7000 years old why are there fossils? I finally came to the conclusion that the answer is that there is no God. I suppose I consider absence of evidence evidence, when combined with all the evidence for Gods that doesn't pan out. I used to believe in flying saucers and big foot and psychic powers too. When I realized the evidence for it was continuously debunct as being by liars and frauds, I stopped believing in it.