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  • neg8ivezero

    The overwhelming size and complexity of the universe that baffles our little minds often leads us to conclude that something much, much smarter than us made everything. However, that same feeling was present in our ancestors when they saw the sun rise up over the horizon, when they saw it fall at the other side of the sky, when darkness overtook the entire world each night. They couldn't fathom what kind of natural process could possibly coordinate such an amazing feat; a feat that produced such a natural rhythm for life everywhere. Obviously, we learned that these seemingly coordinated, complex, and intelligently motivated things are actually explainable when you have the knowledge and tools to properly observe and analyze them.

    We are still that creature that looked up at the sun and called it a god. We look at the cosmos in its complexity and we say "it must be made by a god" simply because it seems so far beyond our understanding that we can't comprehend it existing and working without design. That is flawed logic and we have proven it time and time again. We can't assign a reason to phenomena without first identifying that reason by use of the scientific method. The scientific method is for us to hypothesize, test, and repeat over and over again until we have enough evidence to confidently declare that something is known. At this point, since there is no way for us to test if a god exists, it does us no favors to hypothesize or worse yet, to have "faith" that there is a god.

    I say all that to explain my own position, not to belittle yours- but reading back through what I wrote, it sounds a bit preachy. I am truly sorry for that. I did my best to edit it a bit and make it less so but, alas, I am not sure I succeeded. If any offense is taken, I truly apologize- that was not my intent.