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Published 8 months ago by grandtheftsoul with 1 Comments

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  • sashinator

    Seems quite plausible if speculative

    viruses are interesting molecular strains, for instance

    they are long protein-like chains “floating” around till they are near complete RNA molecules where they can form covalent bonds with compatible molecules i.e. cells and in so doing become complete proteins able to reproduce. but it’s not a virus is a living thing which “wants” to reproduce, so it must be some sort of chemical reaction which is driving the process and a chemical reaction is at its heart about energy and physics of atom bonds

    it’s not that far of stretch to imagine a few of simpler kinds of things like simple viruses floating around in conditions like England describes, bumping into each other and forming longer and more complex chains (which over time may have stabilized into complete RNA able to self replicate)

    in fact, didn’t we recently read something about the cell mitochondrion of cells being self sufficient but in a symbiotic relationship with other parts inside the cell membrane? Someone correct me but as I recall essentially mitochondrion are processing oxygen into a byproduct for the rest of the cellular ecosystem to consume in return for basically protection and a regular supply of oxygen... something along those lines (they also found free-floating mitochondrion in blood and red blood cells don’t have mitochondrion)

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