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Published 5 years ago with 9 Comments
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  • MrsBean

    Ho-ly crap that was painful to listen to. That phone call is akin to attempting to disconnect from Rogers here in Canada. I don't know whether Comcast should give that dude a promotion or fire him.

    • manix

      He's getting fired.

      • drunkenninja

        I doubt it... I bet he was trained specifically to do this in order to get answers out of customers and possibly talk to them long enough to get them to stay just out of the sheer frustration of it. Just as there are conversions counted towards sales people, so are there conversions directed at cancellations and how many a an employee can avert. I highly doubt this guy was doing this just out of the pure love for the company (which is essentially impossible), he's been trained and brainwashed to behave this way by the very assholes that run his department.

        • drunkenninja

          As multiple tipsters are telling us, CSRs can only have a certain amount of “discos” — or disconnects — on their personal tallies each day, and must meet a certain quota of “saves,” for which they can earn bonuses and/or commission. That “save” might just mean hanging up on a customer so the disco goes on another CSR’s list, or in Block’s case, a relentless attempt to keep the customer. Many employees said that with a low hourly pay rate, these saves are the only way to boost their paychecks.

          Figured it worked this way.

  • drunkenninja

    I would have lost it within the first 30 seconds and asked to speak with the supervisor.

    • Arhnold

      He dragged it on on purpose knowing that he was recording the call.

  • roxxy

    Most obnoxious sales rep ever!Just cancel the service already.

  • tyronne

    whats with the racist cover image?? lol jk i kid

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