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London Tours

One of the best cities to visit in Europe is definitly London. You will always find a reason to walk around the beautiful streets of the UK capital! The only think you have to consider is how much time you have to visit the most valuable places !

  • Shopping tour for real fashionistas!

    One of the best activity to do in London is definitely shopping. The UK capital is really famous for its great shops where you can find the very best of underground fashion clothing as well as refined and dandy style ones. But what are the best areas to shop? Many different guides and Londoners will agree on the following top 5:

    • Oxford Street Next to the** Oxford circus** tube station this street has** 300** different shops to visit: from toys' shops to refined fashion corners you can find everything you wish. The king of this area is one of the most famous London's department stores called Selfridges & Co. With 6 different floors, Selfridges proposes many different products: from high fashion to hi-fi, wardrobe co-ordination to wedding lists. It's the right place to feel the sensation of "shop 'till you drop".

    • New Bond street This is a vip only shopping street. Here you can find the very best of style with expensive maison showing their very best to make your shopping experience unforgetable. If you want to dress as a princess and you are also a "vip watching" addicted be sure to stop in Bond Street and start to visit any single shop here.

    • Covent garden In Covent Garden eveything it's magic: from it's market to the architecture of the place. Here you can visit the best market of the city where find unique pieces and souvenirs as well as shop in Apple store and in famous UK shops as Paperchase. It's also a good place where to take a rest during your shopping tour finding a good pub where to take a convenient London Pride or a cup of tea.

    • Westfield London Next to Shepherd's bush and White city stations this area is a must-to-see place for eveyone who likes shopping. Here you can find a mall with more then 265 shops for any flavour and wallets: you have H&M next to Prada and TopShop near Versace to inspire your shopping! Here you can also find many different places to take a drink or a quick lunch.

    -** King's Road** This is frequently suggested as the latest stop to discover ** interior design** shops, emergent designers' atelier and exclusive brands. It's a quite calm area where get inspiration it's much more easier than shopping as fashionistas. For this reason could be considered as the latest stop of you shop-alcoholic tour, just before counting your bags and get on to your bus transfer to arrive in the Airport.

    These are the most nice stop suggested by my Londoners friends...do you have a more valuable places to suggest me?


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