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Published 3 years ago with 13 Comments

Your Chances of Dying Early (infographic)

The National Center for Health Statistics reports the average life expectancy in the United States is 77.9 years. According to the CDC, the leading causes of death in the United States are (in descending order) heath disease, cancer, stroke, chronic lower respiratory diseases, accidents, Alzheimer's disease and diabetes. There are so many ways to die early. What follows is a list of activities, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, and your chances of dying from them.


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  • ActuallyBrian

    TLDR never base jump off of Mount Everest on your motorcycle if you've been fat and smoking for a long time.

  • awol

    Why are airplane deaths in deaths per hour, the vehicular death in deaths per driver, and the motorcycle deaths in deaths per mile? That seems intentionally confusing.

    • mathematical

      Probably the same reason why expert climbing is .0145 out of 100. Why they couldn't write "1 out of 6900" or "15 out of 100,000" is beyond me. Transforming that data to "1 out of 6900" would make sense, as they use that exact setup in the next section: Expert Climbing... In Nepal.

      This is a fun idea, but it would be so much better if it was easier to compare the death rates.

      • awol

        Yeah, I noticed that one too. Strange.

    • BlankWindow

      The entire thing is set up to make the individual stats seem far more impressive than they are. Basically, the only thing worth taking away from this is to not jump off things with a parachute strapped to your back. A lot of shit can go wrong.

  • SevenTales

    Deeply entertaining. Thank you for that :D

  • frohawk

    Damn. Base jumpers are intense.

    If the mortality rate is that flippin' high, do they prepare their wills and tell other base jumpers where they're going to be just in case they bite it?

    • Urbanknight4

      "Leave all my videogames to my brother Ryan, and tell Dwayne that.."

      "Tell him what, bro?"

      "That I'll pay him back in the next life." jumps off

  • SkyAirCloud

    That was interesting! Never knew you could possibly have a chance of dying like some listed above! :o

  • Urbanknight4

    Not to sound insensitive, but how the heck do you die from Alzheimer's? Isn't it just a neurological disorder that erases your memories? I mean, that's terrible and debilitating, but reverting back to a child-like state doesn't kill you, it just makes you a dependent.

    • xg549

      It's a disease that causes your brain to degenerate. The memory loss is a side effect of loss of brain tissue but ultimately it destroys your body's ability to support itself and you die quietly in your sleep after several long, difficult years.

      • Urbanknight4

        That makes sense, yes. Neurons can't die without it harming the brain. Thanks!

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