• StarFlower

    I read the article; however, I want to point out the other side of the coin, which is that Pornhub hosts some images and videos of child pornography (see Guardian article above). As with anything that involves an actual crime, it's ENTIRELY reasonable that Visa and Mastercard don't want to be involved in such transactions. The eff article tries to argue it's not the payment processor's domain to decide what's OK and what's not, but actually, it's entirely normal for payment processors to refuse to be involved in transactions where they suspect there could be a high risk of illegal activity.

    The Guardian article points out that underage children have actually tried to get videos of themselves removed at Pornhub, without success. I sincerely hope that those who uploaded those videos of the child porn, and Pornhub who did not act promptly to take them down, will one day soon face charges at the criminal level and being labelled as sex offenders. I don't blame Visa and Mastercard one bit for refusing to be involved in high-risk transactions.

    Eff tries to paint this as a moral issue involving only adult porn, but it's not as simple as that. There is child porn on there, therefore real crimes are shown on there, therefore payment processors surely will distance themselves from that.