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  • imokruok

    Hopefully, we learn from our mistakes and elections go to the qualified candidate but there is no way 100% of white Americans who make up 70% (and falling) of the US pop is all freaking stupid. Maybe something like 45-50% of the white population in the US is freaking stupid, by my calculations, prior to 2016 elections. Affective fearmongering in US presidential politics is historically cyclical and the ability to monger fear contingent on avoidance of obvious contradiction. Despite the current administration's talent for syntactic ambiguity when propagating "terrorism" semantics, having these acts of terror, Vegas, and NY, occur within such a short timespan is unprecedented during this particular cycle of fear, the violence juxtaposition is blatant and presidential responses easily comparable. no one can say foreign terrorism is deadlier than domestic terrorism anymore when examining victim numbers. I mean, I think we all can count and (>,<, =) simple whole numbers especially if we're allowed to use our fingers :) You can only cry wolf so many times while failing to mention the bear or mountain lion before we impeach your ass...