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  • alot (edited 3 years ago)

    I think many of the sentiments against global warming can be summed up in the quote "I want to believe". I think many want to believe that this isn't as bad as it looks, they want to believe we have missed something. When there is a nugget of something, just something, the report instantly get praised and many choose to believe in it. Because the alternative is too hard to manage, to come to terms with.

    The most scary part of this is that I don't think we're people enough to be able to manage this beast. People often seem to be terribly short sighted. If the problem isn't at the door, it isn't a problem. I think global warming will slow down about a century after wars have broken out for it due to the food and water shortage it will present. The levels of atmospheric CO2 will persist for even 1000 years, but it's believed to reach equilibrium with the oceans in "just" 100 years. So I think there'll be a very long "lag" from civilizations being in a much worse state than today, to it getting better.

    Actually this is the wall scientists have been banging their heads against for years already. They keep saying that if we don't do anything "yesterday", the problem will just keep getting worse. In a sense, I think our current state is a bit like if a person is delaying seeking medical advice out of a fear of having cancer. That's a real bad idea if you actually have cancer. Just like here, this is a common, yet counterintuitive psychological phenomenon.