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Published 8 years ago by geoleo with 2 Comments

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  • SuperCyan

    Ehh, they lyrics are similar, but not really close enough to call it a copy.

    Even then, is it reallly fair to claim copyright of a couple phrases? Is Nike suing Shia LeBeauof for saying "JUST DO IT" in his video? Is the first person that's ever used "swag" or "cash money" trying to sue every other person that's used those phrases afterwards? Are they trying to claim that they helped write that song? To be called the writer of that song is so incongrous, and to demand that position is stupid.

  • MrBlueSky

    Seriously..where can I find good content I really want to find things I am interested in and this is on my feed of science and food? and who is Taylor Swift and why should I care?..I am really despairing about Snapzu here..I mean how does this end up on a profile like mine??? I deleted all social media?

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