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Published 11 months ago by geoleo with 4 Comments
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  • NotWearingPants

    I remember when he was (briefly) suspended for using alt accounts to upvote his own posts and downvote anyone who disagreed or criticized him. After that, he just deleted posts and banned people.

    • Gozzin (edited 11 months ago)

      Sounds like he had too much time on his hands. I just don't get why moderators behave like this. I was on a Linux forum years ago where the moderators liked to micro manage others and bully them...Then when people stopped coming to the forum,one of the mods asked me why...I told him and then I left. The forum ended up being just the moderators and the owner closed it.

      • NotWearingPants (edited 11 months ago)

        Some people, given the tiniest amount of power, turn into tyrants. People who moderate are either passionate about the subject (seen in subs with fewer than 25k subscribers...random number I just made up), or just like it that they are "in charge" of the large subs. Effectively moderating a sub with 7 million subscribers requires a lot of moderators. When you see the same 5 names moderating 92 of the top 500 subs, and banning people from all of them for saying something the disagree with on one of them (not breaking rules) then you see what a dumpster fire reddit has become.

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