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Published 4 months ago by geoleo with 2 Comments

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  • NotWearingPants

    It's not universal unless everyone gets it. Which simply isn't feasible, there isn't enough money and never will be.

    • StarFlower

      Agree; what they are trialing is a cash benefit to low-income people, it's not UBI. I agree that UBI could never be feasible because there would then be no incentive for companies to exist and for people to work, so there'd then be no taxes produced to pay for the UBI.

      Tests that say that UBI looks promising is all based on stuff like this where they test a cash benefit in a non-UBI economy. That's not at all the same thing as UBI and is not even remotely close to it. I honestly don't know where people think the money will come from for UBI, even if they say "oh our taxes can do it if they are redirected to that than to other things", that's the amount of taxes with most of the workforce working. If people aren't working (because no incentive to) then where will the money come to pay for UBI? I haven't found any answer to that question from pro-UBI people. Even people who WANT to work will quickly find it prohibitive, 'cos the tax rate would have to be sky-high to account for paying for all the people who are NOT working.

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