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Published 8 years ago by geoleo with 10 Comments

How much room the entire world population would take up if standing side by side

I've thought about this before and it never really took the time to actually do a calculation. When I finally did, I was shocked. Here are the results.

  • ´╗┐Now let's do some comparisons on how long it would take to go all the way around it:

    1. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: With a top speed of 429 km/h this car can drive around that square in under 50 minutes.

    2. Usain Bolt: If Usain Bolt can maintain a 9.59 m/sec (in the 100 meter sprint) he could sprint around that square in just over 9 hours.

    3. Michael Phelps: With an average speed of 6.414 km/h (in the 400 meter event), he can swim around the square in just over 53 hours.

    Here's how many people each of the following counties can squeeze if using the example above:

    Russia: 16,377,742,000,000 (16.37 trillion)
    USA: 9,158,960,000,000 (9.15 trillion)
    Canada: 9,093,507,000,000 (9.09 trillion)
    Australia: 7,682,300,000,000 (7.68 trillion)
    India: 2,973,193,000,000 (2.97 trillion)
    Egypt: 995,450,000,000 (995 billion)
    United Kingdom: 241,930,000,000 (242 billion)
    Ireland: 68,883,000,000 (69 billion)

    To fill up the entire earth's 148,940,000 km squared land area it would fit 148,940,000,000,000 people (148.94 trillion), or 21,000x more than today's 7 billion population.


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Conversation 4 comments by 2 users
  • geoleo

    Added some comparisons :)

    • sauce

      Thanks buddy. What sources did you use for those stats?

      • geoleo

        Just googled them. I thought of some of the fastest things or people and then just did some minor research. I can find the sources and post them if you want.

        • sauce

          Nah it's ok, I trust ya

Conversation 3 comments by 2 users
  • 8mm

    You can probably squeeze in double that... Not all people need a 1m x 1m spot.

  • Oganza

    Thinking about it reminds me of that scene in Independence Day where all those aliens are standing in squares ready to invade (when they went to upload the magical virus).

    • poeman

      What a great movie for it's time!

  • Splitfish

    That's a lot of people in a small area. Thinking about it, I can drive around the entire square in 3 hrs.

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