• Gozzin (edited 2 months ago)

    I sincerely doubt this will happen since we have the short intestines and small cecum of a carnaviior/omnivorous being . Also,on average.1 in 12 us us have IBS and one in 100 have IBD and such a diet is not going to fly with us.

    In a nutshell,there is not a "protein craze." Humans have always eaten this way. There is a vegan craze with a relentless pushing of the vegan religion on all comers.

    Remember how insects were pushed as a food source and how well that worked out? I believe those who refuse to get in lock step with a small,but vocal minority will be vindicated.

    People who write such pieces presume incorrectly that because they eat no meat means everyone should do the same,ignoring science,anatomy, evolution,everyone being different and some having medical problems precluding such a diet. The long term consequences of removing fat/meat from the human diet are only recently being investigated. What seed oils do to humans is not a fun ride, but I digress.

    Add to that, even those without gi problems are not going to eat this way because we need meat and-animal fat to function normally. Some people will,of course. Not much research has been done on the consequences of eating such a diet,but I feel more will be learned as time goes on.

    In my history,you can find lots of links dealing with this subject and I'd just as soon not add more. . Unless our intestines are impressively altered so we become hind gut ferminters and unless our microbiome changes to allow us to process veg matter like rabbits do,humans will continue to eat what we evolved to eat. And vegans will continue to demand we stop.

    • Maternitus (edited 2 months ago)

      There's a good (evolutionary) reason why vegans never get invited to parties. ;-)