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  • ttubravesrock

    I won't say never, but I rarely talk about facebook in real life.

    I remember one motto I've always lived by regarding social media (including snapzu) and the internet in general is "don't put it on the internet if you don't want everyone you've ever known to see it" Once smart phones came around (I didn't have my first smart phone until 2013) I just assume that anything my camera lens can see, everyone can see, anything on my screen, everyone can see, anything my microphone hears, everyone can hear, anything played through my speakers, everyone can hear, and so on.

    It's an unfortunate reality of the digital world we live in. I wish we had privacy, and I'll do my best to vote for privacy, but I live my life (especially my digital life) as if I were an open book. For me to say that personal privacy laws are an important issue to me would be untrue.

    ...All of that said, I live in the middle of nowhere Alaska on 40 acres off grid because I value my privacy. Just because I don't live under a false pretense of actually having digital privacy doesn't mean that I don't like my privacy.