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Published 4 years ago by geoleo with 4 Comments
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  • leweb

    I don't think we have the moral authority to condemn China for animal cruelty while we continue having factory farms where animals stand knee-deep in their own shit and aren't able to move as they wait for their death. How is this different?

    • AdelleChattre

      This is called 'whataboutery,' and in no way justifies the absolute indifference to cruelty, horror, filth, danger and disease around the treatment of animals in China. There are basic reasons underneath why new diseases like influenza waft their way from China into the rest of the world each year, every year.

      • RoamingGnome

        It's not "whataboutery". leweb didn't say it was justified. He was pointing out that the USA does not have the moral authority to be condemning other country's actions because of the abhorrent practices we use here.

        • AdelleChattre

          Which is a fine point to make, and I've got nothing against it. Except, though, for how it most certainly is 'whataboutery' and worse, "everybody's-guilty-so-no-one's-guilty" nonsense.

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