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Published 8 years ago by geogrammer with 5 Comments

Just finished my first crochet project: A Scarf!


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  • BlueOracle

    Wow! This looks very good, especially for a first project. Can you tell us any more about it? What kind of yarn did you use? What size hook? Do you have a pattern that can be shared? I like it a lot, and it looks to be the perfect length. Great work! :)

    • geogrammer

      Thanks for the compliments!! :) I used one skein of Caron Simply Soft Avocado, a J hook, and I followed the pattern in this video. I'm still learning how to read crochet patterns so it was especially great finding an instructional video!!

      • BlueOracle

        You're quite welcome. Thanks for your reply. That video is awesome! It's perfect for beginners, and I bet people would like it if you posted it as a snap. The instructions are very clear, and it's a nice scarf. I like the Avocado colors. You'll get the hang of reading patterns soon enough, but I agree having a video is so helpful, especially when you're first starting out. Crochet, like a lot of things, makes much more sense when you see it demonstrated.

        I hope you enjoy crochet and make many more great things! :)

  • eggpl4nt

    Aw, that's awesome! I love your color choices, and the stitch pattern. :)

    • geogrammer

      Thanks!! :) Yeah, I spent some time finding a stitch pattern I could do with only sc and dc. Feels exciting to finish a project! :)

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