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Published 3 years ago by estherschindler with 1 Comments

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  • NinjaKlaus

    I think there are basic things about science that people should be helped to understand. For instance, any one study is not supposed to arrive at the truth for all time. It gets us a little closer to the truth. Almost every research paper that I read says at the end: "More research is called for." I wish articles about science would include that more. This is not the final word.

    This, this is so important as a reason why lower income people don't necessarily believe what a scientist says and it's not on the research paper or the science it's on the news, CNN reports that a glass of wine at dinner is good for you, FOX News reports that eating chocolate will make you live longer, NBC reports... they never talk about how it's a study and that it's just a possibility, they never talk about how most of these research papers are in short order found to be wrong, it's hey this sounds cool, the idiots will eat this up and our ratings will go up, run it.

    As for science, I can't handle all the technical jargon, the same with legal papers and law, it's written in a special way and it confuses many people because what one thinks it means is usually different from what the legalese says it means.

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