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Published 5 years ago by dynamite with 2 Comments

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  • idlethreat

    I really can't fault the neighbors on this. They tried talking to the girl's parents, tried going up the chain and talking to animal control, the city, everything. Nothing's working. More and more animals are seeking out the free food, causing problems all around. Can't park your car on the street without it being coated in shit. Can't enjoy your back deck without having to power wash it off every week. That sounds awful.

    They're not even suing for her to stop, just to tone it the hell down some.

  • a7h13f

    Allegedly, the parents have hired employees to fill the feeding troughs, which are topped up a half-dozen times a day.

    Yeah, this isn't about an 8 year old girl anymore. If that statement is true, then it's about the parents. Wtf do you need feeding troughs and employees to feed the birds? Most people would just throw out their stale bread and be done with it.

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