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Published 10 months ago by doodlegirl with 1 Comments

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  • Maternitus (edited 10 months ago)

    A home is something you live in, not an investment. Cryptocurrencies are there to enhance trade and thus create productivity and the things we want and/or need, not an investment. The same goes for a lot of companies, they are meant to enhance society by creating products we need, from food to tv's, they serve us and are not an investment.
    It's like a hammer, which is meant to hammer in nails or help with breaking things, a tool with a clear purpose, like the forementioned examples, but when you try to use the hammer as a saw, you never get a wanted result besides a growing feeling of disfunctionality of the tool. It's very good that stocks and also crypto are in free fall, a correction if you like, because it's that costly reminder of a greedy abuse of tools that are meant for something else than just lining pockets and not serving us as the tools they were meant to be.

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