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Published 3 years ago by distant with 5 Comments

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  • Appaloosa (edited 3 years ago)

    I guess I'm just a paranoid fuddy duddy, but this is monstrous to me. It is an invitation to accept total control over everything you are. They are doing it in Europe as well. Personally I think it should be banned. This has been creeping into society in a slow dribble, acclimating people for eventual mandatory compliance. 20 years ago the travesty and tyranny of TSA would be unthinkable. Now we willingly allow anybody to be sexually molested in plain view by uniformed thugs.

    Chipping, or something more advanced, will be mandatory at birth. It's coming.

    • leweb

      Where's your tattoo? Tattoo!

      You're an unscannable!

    • jasont

      Take a page from 12 monkeys... ITS IN THE TOOTH!

  • jedlicka

    Why is basically all of the internet all over this story? I would never let them install that nasty thing into my hand.

  • NinjaKlaus

    "Citizen #112-555-4920 you are outside of your designated work zone, return to your designated work zone immediately, failure to comply will result in the minimum sentence of 10 years hard labor at Camp Utah. "

    Seriously, no thanks. I just don't see anything they could say or do that would make me agree to tracking like this, it's beyond creepy.

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