• KingDaddy

    I just don't understand why would republicans want someone who is a habitual liar for president. The guy has pretty much taken both sides of every issue. While I'm ok when someone agrees with certain points on each side of an issue, I have a problem when someone is ok and against with the same points on every issue and keeps changing his answer every time he's asked the same question depending where and to whom he is answering to. Give me someone who is running to benefit all of the people and you shall have my vote no matter what party you represent.

    • SMcIntyre

      First off, there is no such thing as an honest politician and anyone who tells you there is is selling something.

      That said, it's not about Donald Trump-- it never has been. This is about sending a clear message to the "Republican Elite", the "Establishment", the "Party Elders", or whatever they're being called today, and that message is simply: "You're fucking fired!" These are the people who have given us, in a row, the four most pathetic, worthless candidates to ever appear on a ballot (Dole, Bush, McCain, and Romney). They have consistently ignored their constituency, completely abandoned the principles of fiscal conservatism, ceded unprecedented levels of power to the Chief Executive without an ounce of fight, and worst of all they've allowed the party to be taken and held hostage by the Christian Right for the better part of the last decade. Real Republicans have been fed up for a long time but there hasn't been anything we could do about it. Well guess what, now we've got ourselves a candidate.

      Donald Trump, to paraphrase The Dark Knight "isn't the candidate we deserve, but he's the one we need right now".