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  • sashinator (edited 4 months ago)

    i just do not understand "i demand for you to make a demand to take away my money"

    i mean - why make the demand that someone else make the demand for you to do something? wut? just do something, if that's how you feel about it

    its like a nursery school "fight" where 5y olds are each 'daring' the other to do something in order to provoke them into action and then calling the other a coward for not provoking them. it's a fucking stupid way for adults to try and appear 'brave' like that tho

    if you want to give away your money, just give it away. nobody is actually preventing you from doing that. if you feel you have more than you need, give the surplus away. right now. go ahead

    go to your personal banker and instruct them to give away 90% of your net income earnings for 2019 to any, from a wide range of organizations in need including but not limited to Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, SPCA, Wikipedia and that's not counting virtually any university research program desperately looking for funds in areas of climate change, cancer research etc etc et

    heck - you could just cut the check to the government. go to the receiver of revenue and say to them "i wish to overpay on my annual tax return because i have too much and i want to give it back to you"

    to me, crying crocodile tears about how "government won't take my money" sounds like a way of phrasing the converse that "i refuse to give my money away unless an external agent forces me to"

    i get that "philanthropy doesn't work" in principle and government should tax rich people more. very noble

    however you are still in control of and (very much) holding onto your funds, right?

    at least rich people who want to hold onto their funds makes sense. they are greedy and selfish and that makes sense to me. rich people who "desperately want" to give away their money away BUT ONLY IF someone else forces them to give it away - makes no sense to me

    "i just hate it that i have too much and i blame The Status Quo for refusing to tax me more ;_;"

    really? that's your actual complaint? someone else won't legally oblige you to give away your surplus? well why not simply give away your surplus out of your own volition then?

    i mean, like, it's bothering you so much, like, all this crazy surplus and stuff and you, like, have nobody to forcefully take it away from you or something... what to do? what to do?

    wait a moment... i know! you could give it away!

    seriously tho - someone complainbragging they "have too much because the government is bad" is like standing on a boat, shouting at drowning victims nearby: "im sorry you're drowning! you need help from a search&rescue boat... and someone else refuses to confiscate mine towards that end ;_; f*ck this system!"

    people couldn't care less about how badly you feel about 'having too much'. it doesn't matter how you feel. it only matters what you do

    while we wait for the government to get their shit together and confiscate your boat - just pull the drowning victims into your boat, if it means that much to you. or give your boat away to search&rescue missions who are willing and able to help and pleading for more boats

    that is way more useful than writing open letters about how privileged you are to have a boat and it will definitely send a louder message to powers that be than writing open letters signed by your other millionaire buddies

    either that or s...

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