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Published 4 years ago by ckshenn with 9 Comments

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  • ivangro

    Trumps says one thing, tries to do another. Same shit different day.

  • Chubros

    FIRE Comey... FIRE Mueller.... Trump sure is afraid of something.

    • hedman

      Strange if he's got nothing to hide.

  • hedman (edited 4 years ago)

    Paging /u/NotWearingPants what's your opinion on this development?

    • NotWearingPants

      That would have been a serious mistake, especially that early in the game.

      • hedman

        So you think there's nothing wrong with attempted obstruction of justice? If I try to but fail to kill someone, that's attempted murder, a still serious crime, is it not?

        • NotWearingPants

          I'm not sure that meets the legal definition of obstruction, because one of the elements is that you must have committed a crime. A year and a half on, they are still searching for one.

  • jackthetripper

    So is this likely the reason why the "release the memo" controversy was so worked up recently by the gop, russians, etc.

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