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Published 11 months ago with 3 Comments
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  • leweb

    I'm sure blaming your parents is going to fix the country. Keep doing that.

    In case you want to listen. the problem is not your parents, it's the billionaires who sold the American people the idea that unbridled, reckless greed is the best driver of economic growth, and should always be praised and never criminalized. This has nothing to do with a particular generation, in fact, if you ask me, the baby boomers did much more than you to resist it.

    I know I've said this before, but fighting each other is exactly what the government, read the rich, want us to do. Try to budget some neurons away from your smartphone to focus on who the real enemy is.

    • AdelleChattre

      I’m surprised you would wag your finger like this. Boomers did more than OP to resist rapacious greed? If, by that, you mean more total choruses of Margaritaville sung, more Toyotas bought over the years, more wars paid for with borrowed money, or more student debt loaded up onto succeeding generations, then by all means, you’re right. Otherwise, this plays like an everybody-else-was-doing-it apologia for anyone but a few billionaires, many of whom are Boomers and are therefore courageous resisters sez you.

      One of the things I like about you is your clear-eyed ability to face the yawning chasm of our now-inevitable doom from anthropogenic global warming. Lots of people will dither and dicker and deny, but not you. Which is why I’m surprised to see you not only harshing on the kids but candycoating the complicity of the generations responsible.

      • leweb

        You're stretching my words farther than I intended them to go. When things are difficult, it's always easiest to blame the previous generation(s) than to do something about it. It bothers me to hear and read millennials complaining about how hard life is, instead of taking action to change things. Where are the throngs of millennials in Washington protesting? Why do they continue to buy shit from big corps instead of coming up with ways to boycott them? Why do they continue to fight fabricated wars and do nothing to oppose them, which at least the early baby boomers tried to do? Writing blog posts about how baby boomers screwed the economy is not going to solve anything.

        It's the defeatist attitude in these articles that gets me. Young people are supposed to be drivers of change, not just people who sit around complaining. That's supposed to be the older people.

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