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Published 1 year ago with 3 Comments
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  • NinjaKlaus

    All this does is make both sides dig in more to their partisan side of the bunker. This you're going to listen to me or we're going to hold everything hostage schlock though is bullshit, Repubs get called out for being assholes all the time, time to do the same here for Dems. Not to mention forcing riders and amendments that have nothing to do with bills that are being voted on drives me crazy and shouldn't be allowed.

    I don't mind talking and having the debate because there are things we can do, but it's clear that it can't be done civilly in the US Political climate as the country now sits 50/50 pretty much on every damn thing. I don't know what the hell we do about it.

  • garrett

    Using the no-fly list and other such secret "potential terrorist" lists as a means to restrict access to guns is completely the wrong approach to gun control. The people on these lists have not committed any crime, they are "suspected" terrorists, which could mean anything, and you can be absolutely certain that these lists are mostly brown-skinned muslims that fit the mental image of "terrorist", which is a textbook example of systemic racism. If they were criminals or terrorists, well then why not arrest them?

    I remember a time after 9/11 when the no-fly list was seen as Orwellian and reprehensible by the left, and now Murphy's filibuster just cements its legitimacy. You know how many on the no-fly list have committed mass shootings? Zero. Mateen was not on the watchlist at the time he purchased his guns, so it would not have done anything to prevent the tragedy in Orlando.

    If I could offer an alternative, why not ban people convicted of domestic violence from purchasing guns? The correlation there is real, and I guarantee you would see a decrease in gun deaths. Very disappointing to see Congress rally around gun control for once, only to push for such a backward policy solution.

    • AdelleChattre

      The day after backing out of an education bill deal with Dubya's White House, Sen. Ted Kennedy suddenly found out he was on the "No-Fly" List. Along with anyone else named Ted Kennedy. Heaven help us if terrorists ever were to gain access to the secrets of fake IDs known by every American high school student with a drinking problem.

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