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Published 7 years ago by carpenoctem with 8 Comments

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  • Alec

    While I personally haven't found enjoyment in his videos, I have respect for PewDiePie because of his charity work. I have heard stories of how humble and gracious he is when referring to his success; I can't imagine how it must feel to have 37 million people subscribed to your YouTube channel and watch your videos regularly. That's .5% of the world's population subscribed to him. And that's insane.

    • Meowlody

      I don't really enjoy his videos neither and find him mildly annoying. But it still blows my mind how someone could make this much money from uploading videos of himself playing games.

      • TransDictator

        Just take a look a few top Twitch streamers.

        Then again, look at some of the programs the masses love to watch. It's screamy, over the top and ''reality'' tv. That's basically what those videos are streams are about, a gross exaggeration of reality. Let's call it ''reality'' gaming.

      • 20thLvlWizard

        I never found him terribly offensive, but I can't say I've delved into his community either.

        I see him as the focal point in the "internet personality" trend that was previously taken up by game journalists. While people like Yhatzee and Total Biscuit (like their opinions or not) brought criticism to the genera, these newer "personalities" dance like monkeys for viewers without contributing anything outside of pure consumerist.

        I'm curious to see how this trend is reflected in AAA gaming. Will they continue down the road of cheap and easy...and to what end?

        It's a purely anecdotal observation, so feel free to ignore me.

  • Zeus (edited 7 years ago)

    "Film star Johnny Depp made $35 million in 2011 by dressing like a pirate and doing a Keith Richards impersonation."

    • Zeis

      Totally unrelated, but nice name, brother.

  • CaptnIgnit

    Its funny how people can react violently to other peoples success. If you don't like him thats fine, but it doesn't mean he's evil or an asshole for finding success for himself. Everyone has different tastes in different things and would you not wish the best on someone you were a fan of?

  • Goatking

    He seems like a great person, but his youtube persona for videos is a little annoying.

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