• Suppoze

    Now I'm beginning to think about switching to another browser... Because I don't want to turn off phishing and malware protection in Chrome just to access my favourite torrent sites. What do you guys think, which browser is the second best after Chrome?

    • ekyris

      Firefox is probably the other highest rated browser out there. To take full advantage, look up customization options for a ton of built-in features so the browser does what you want it to.

      TorBrowser is great if you're interested in security; it redirects your IP through other countries to prevent tracking. However, that does not extend to things you download (like torrents).

      It looks like there are also other options based on Chromium (the same underpinnings that Chrome uses) that I haven't tried out. I would say test out a few things, and see what works best for your browsing needs.

      • carpenoctem

        Firefox is my personal choice as well and it is recommended by most privacy advocates, particularly with the right extensions installed. Here are some websites if you're interested in learning more:

        - Prism Break

        - Privacy Tools (thanks to /u/Endymion for bringing this to my attention today)

        - Reset the Net

        TorBrowser really is a really good option for privacy in terms of general web browsing. One important caveat though, whilst it is great at keeping your browsing habits anonymous from what I understand the exit node of the Tor network may be monitored, so don't enter any confidential information (e.g. username or passwords) through TorBrowser.