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Published 6 years ago by captainjib with 5 Comments

Just a door : )

I think it's simply striking


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  • thraenthraen

    There are quite a few different theories/explanations for the "meaning" of a red door. There are a few interpretations here, and I'll add that it's also said that, in the case of a church door, the red door often means that the church offers sanctuary. Originally, this means someone running from a police force or some such could run inside, and the police had to respect the sanctuary and could not arrest/etc. the person as long as they remained in the sanctuary, but in the more modern sense, churches will interpret the idea of sanctuary in a variety of different ways. Either way, it's still generally related to its roots of the right of asylum in a broad sense, at least when the red door is interpreted as meaning sanctuary. Just thought I'd share!

    • captainjib

      Whoa, this is very cool! I had no idea!

  • baron778

    Someone needs to water their plants.

  • zerozechs

    Reminds me of Daenarys and her childhood "home". All she remembered was red doors, and a lemon tree outside of the window.

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