• Gozzin

    Agree...Ad blockers won't work,you can't put on another OS,or do anything you said. Why pay the big bucks for something you don't even have any control over? That's why I have put Linux distros on my computers all these years cause I can do whatever I want and pay someone to fix the hardware in said computer as needed.

    • Maternitus (edited 2 months ago)

      Or donate to the people who develope all that open source software like VLC, Blender, KDE, Gnome or the EFF or even W3C, since the foundations of the internet (HTML, PHP, MySQL, Javascript) are all readable for everyone and is open for everyone to learn and use as see fit - for free). W3C are the ones who take care of standards, which is good for programmers and users alike. When there are no standards, everything goes wrong, check videoformats for streaming or interactive design (Flash, anyone?). Plugins for using the internet is a form of pushiness for capital gain and exclusion.