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  • NinjaKlaus

    Looking at mainstream film’s culture of laziness and flogging of counterculture, they’ve coopted third wave feminism and campus-style “social justice” to give a new audience for their lazy remakes and reboots; “What if we re-make this movie, but this time with an all-female cast?” They’re actually re-booting the Rocketeer, but with a black female actor. I’m not saying that a black female couldn’t be a jetpack flying heroine, rather pointing out that at some studio meeting, they basically said, “how do we sell another needless remake to the pubic? I guess make it seem fresh with, instead of a white dude, a black lady. KACHING KACHING KACHING $$$$$$$$$.” They’re doing it for profit, not for social advancement, and even if it does cause social advancement, it is only because they’ve deemed that advancement to be profitable.

    This was my favorite paragraph because it's the truest thing in the world if so-called appropriation didn't happen, where would they get their money? Even the outrage given to those that cry out on the news is for the news' own profit, they aren't covering because it's news but because they believe in this current outrage social media culture it will draw more eyes and thus more revenue.