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Published 3 years ago by canuck with 3 Comments

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  • archmagician

    Selfishly, my first thought was to wonder if my wages will go up a corresponding amount or if it'll just mean minimum wage becomes significantly closer to my hourly rate. I'm also curious if the prices of things will rise. I struggle to survive on my pay which is above the incoming minimum wage so if prices go up and my pay doesn't increase in a similar fashion then I'm screwed. I'm all for the minimum wage rise if it means people struggle less but I hope companies don't raise prices using it as an excuse.

    • SteveRoy (edited 3 years ago)

      This is far from the first time the minimum wage has been increased. it's just been an unusually long time since the last time.

      Generally it pushes up comparably on everyone else's wages as well; While barely moving the needle on prices of things. This will be no different.

      • archmagician

        Good to know, thanks. The yearly rise is never usually reflected in things I see but I've not seen as rise as significant as this one. My staff are already talking about how excited they are about it. They make sure that I make sure our boss doesn't miss the 25 or 50 cent increase each year so they'll be all over this one :)

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