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Published 4 years ago with 10 Comments
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  • Triseult

    I wish Justin Trudeau the best of luck. I hope he sticks to his ideals and promises because they will be a breath of fresh air after the Harper Era.

    That being said, I get the distinct impression voters didn't so much elect Trudeau as they voted Harper out. It's the only explanation why the NDP was so far ahead in the polls for a while yet ended in third place... Once the niqab bullshit started, Trudeau gracefully weathered the storm and people switched from NDP to Liberals as the viable "Not Harper" vote.

    I know I'm generalizing and there are plenty of voters who voted for Trudeau, but it's amazing to see how cautiously optimistic people are in general yet how celebratory they are about Harper leaving.

    • ressmox (edited 4 years ago)

      Yea, I'm more NDP than Liberal, but I think many of us just wanted Harper out more than anything else. Even though I usually have a preferred candidate, I don't think I've ever feared having a candidate re-elected as much as Harper.

      Edit: Trudeau's speech was also about a country of hope, and optimism. Given all of the recent negativity I think it is a more than appropriate attitude to approach the upcoming months with. I just hope that he stands firm on his promises, since I sincerely think many of them will help Canada regain it's status as one of the most respected and beloved nations in the world, and undo some of the damage that has been done.

  • 66bnats

    Harper is the first PM to hand a majority government to a third place party.

  • jcscher

    I am an American who was never a Harper fan. Congrats Justin Trudeau and Canada.

  • Qukatt

    Congrats to Canada.

    It's making this Scot happy to see more and more of the world slowly tell the variously conservative parties that they're not currently happy with their lazy self-serving policies.

    C'mon America, you can do this too!

  • baron778

    Alberta isn't too happy about this. My FB feed is chaos.

    • scowly

      I'm in BC, and mine is too. There was one riding out here that had been Conservative for 60 years, and flipped to Liberal . There's a shit-tonne of animosity between people now.

  • hereorthere

    This is good news. Harper was just too divisive, partisan, ideological and not a very good judge of character.

  • drunkenninja

    Looks like a new chapter in Canada's history has begun, lets hope it's a good one!

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