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Published 4 years ago with 7 Comments

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  • ishana

    This game is really addicting , I absolutely love it.

    My best depth so far is 12... must... go... further...

  • Goronmon

    I'm not sure I'm on board with Snaps that are just links to products to download/buy with no commentary or explanation.

    • ishana

      Hello and welcome to Snapzu :)

      First of all I highly suggest you read the FAQ and especially this part.

      To answer your question, this is a snap or a post about an android game called hoplite. If you check out the Published into part of the snap you can figure out the category where this belongs.

      Right here

      • Goronmon

        Well, sure, I understand all that. I still don't see the value in just posting links to product pages for things. Basically just makes Snapzu an advertising platform.

        • ishana (edited 4 years ago)

          I don't think you understand the concept of Snapzu and other similar sites...

          Snapzu is for sharing interesting content that you find on the internet. As CGP said once in a video about reddit, Google is a place to search for stuff you want to find, Reddit is the place to share what you found. Video link

          To be specific about this tribe , We all here in /t/mobilegaming & /t/androidgaming we love to play games on the phone but we just don't know what is good and what is not...

          • skolor (edited 4 years ago)

            Sure, but I don't recommend a product to someone by just saying it's name. There's something like a couple million Android apps out there. It definitely throws up a lot of Spam flags in my head to see a link to a product from a week old account* with nothing more than a sentence ripped out of the product description.

            * Yes, that's a little rich considering the age of my account, but I'd feel the same on any platform.

        • HrBingR

          I personally use tribes like this to find new interesting games to play. It's not self promotion either, so I'm not certain what you mean by advertising. It's certainly not the same.

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