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  • AnusBlender

    I thought it was strange that so many Redditors demanded that Reddit explain her firing. As much as I would like to know, that isn't the sort of thing companies typically share with the public.

    • ClarkKent

      It's not that I want them to explain her firing, I just tend to look at it as business as usual and being a guy who has fired people, I have never ever fired someone with out reasonable cause. Can I agree with how the Admins handled it? Not really, but still corporations are pretty much all the same...

      • JoPro87

        As someone who has had to fire people in the past (you can't drink copious amounts of beer in a pharmacy) , I know it sucks and I would have rather kept it a personal issue. However, as you probably know, it becomes an issue of everyone else working below you. In Reddit's case it was the mods and the user base, and I am pretty surprised no one has talked about it.

      • FurtWigglepants

        Rumor has it that she wasn't in favor of the way things are going to go in the future of reddit. She had a different philosophy than the CEO.

    • jmcs (edited 4 years ago)

      She was not the only leaving/being fired lately, reddit has lost lots of admins in relatively short time and the number of incidents between the community and the admins have increased. The admins are not the only ones responsible for this, as the community also has an increasing number of self-entitled assholes, but this was not an isolated incident. There are lots of red flags that things are not well and I wouldn't exclude the possibility of Kevin Rose's spirit having reproduced and the clones being haunting Reddit's HQ.

      EDIT: At least Elen Pao seems aware that she and the rest of admins have done a large series of screw ups and maybe they fix their issues. This will still not fix the community any time soon because there is a rift between content producers and the admins that will be hard to heal, while in the larger community trolls thrive a reproduce like rabbits and neither the admins nor the mods seem able to fix this.

      • bryanyoung

        I'm not going to rail on Pao since I dont know too much of what goes on behind Reddits closed doors. I dont expect to hear from her or Victoria about what led to her dismissal (that would be bad on Reddits part, and Victoria likely signed a contract to get her severance package, meaning she cant say anything about Reddit).

        One would hope they are able to open up and have a more frank discussion with their mods an community, but being the size they are and the fact that they answer to a board now, I just dont see that happening.