• RippleNipple

    I love going vhs shopping. It's entirely a nostalgia factor. It's just sad that anyone selling them online are charging so much for them. Most are like $10 or more after shipping for one.

    • aj0690

      Similar reason I miss the Blockbuster days of going into a store and wandering around for 15 min looking at movie boxes, and hoping they were in stock for rent haha

    • NinjaKlaus

      It's the cost of shipping on a vhs tape that causes this, most buyers want priority mail shipping, or whatever we now call the 3 day shipping option. That's $8.75 for the prepaid box, not including any wrapping materials or cushioning you might use and no insurance, I think they now include delivery confirmation which most call tracking. It's the worst part of selling on eBay or amazon, the shipping charges are insane before you ever get to the charges eBay hits you with, they even charge you a percentage on the shipping fee.

      You can do cheaper shipping with media mail which starts at $3 but you then need to buy a box and packing materials which quickly brings it back up to about $7-$8 if you aren't buying in bulk at which point you almost just give up and go with the prepaid priority mail box.