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Published 5 years ago by belangermira with 2 Comments

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  • septimine

    I'm not surprised. Elites don't really cross paths with poor or middle class people. And really if you pay attention to the social media they use (tumblr is mostly rich college aged women) it seems pretty clear that the only way they know about the issues other people face is through media and school. They think that the biggest problems we face are symbolic problems, things like representation in the media, rather than economic like not being able to be fired for being gay, or black sounding names not getting as many job interviews.

    I think honestly, since they have lots of money, they don't understand a lot of the effects of not having money. For them, if someone discriminates they can afford the time and money to sue, so they're not so worried. For them access to whatever they need is as simple as cutting a check. So they can't imagine how hard it is to live when your car breaking down can mean losing your job. Can't they just use über? They think hardship is not being able to go to a fancy restaurant or to a concert they want to. They can't imagine food stamps or being in danger of losing their home. When you don't live it, it doesn't matter to you.

    • Gozzin

      This is true.It's like they live in a totally different world.

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