• Maternitus (edited 2 months ago)

    With a different gravity, they will evolve, I think. A few generations further and a genetically adjusted person coming back to earth will have a backbreaking experience. Of course that is if they survive the whole ordeal of living on the moon (or Mars), indeed.

    Edit: this link is interesting.

    • Gozzin (edited 2 months ago)

      That was interesting. My concerns were what radiation would do to humans. The other stuff was interesting as well in the article and let's not forget the dust on Mars. Wherever humans go,they will trash the world just like they did this one. It also won't be "we",it will br the wealthy who leave. anyway,I really agree wit the below quote. We need to clean up our mess, and stay put.

      "My upshot," says Meyer: "Let's try not to ruin our planet. We don't have a future at all on a different planet. This is our home; this is where we evolved and 'belong.'"

      • Maternitus (edited 2 months ago)

        Thing with those wealthy people is: where to spend all that money, when there are no shops on Mars? Besides that, most wealth sits in stocks and derivates, which is fried air. Let them have the cake this time. hahaha

        • Gozzin

          Good points. How to even have shops when you can't hire people for peanuts to slave for you. methinks,if it comes to pass,things won't be like they are here.