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Published 6 months ago with 8 Comments
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  • Appaloosa

    There are just too many positive benefits to this to ignore. Grinding them up into meal powder could solve a lot of hunger issues worldwide and the environmental foot print is hugely reduced. I'm not ready to have earthworm burgers just yet, but I can see this edible insect concept transitioning into main stream diets.

  • Apolatia

    Maybe my neighbors. Definitely not mine.

  • Gozzin (edited 6 months ago)

    They have been saying this for over ten years! Unless hey can make them taste like beef,chicken and turkey,it's just not happening. But really,they need to take a page from vegan/vegetarianism propaganda..Just cause you say it five million times does not make it so. I'm not eating bugs,nopeing right out of that option,just like I'm not eating processed soy protein,which they will be mixed with to reduce the barf factor. Add to that the bars/granola "snacks" will be full of sweet carby crap which will jack up my blood sugar,so I won't eat those either. And in reality,there is no such thing as a "super food". Rolls eyes.

    Edible insects are a “super-food,”

    • Appaloosa

      You will eat bugs and you will like it!

      • Gozzin (edited 6 months ago)

        HAHAHAHAHAHHA! That's their hope.. And check out the prices! Are they serious? If you really want to eat those things,buy some at your local pe tshop and raise them. I've read wax worms are good...You first!

        • Appaloosa

          Could I interest you in a god old fashioned cricket shake? It's all the rage!

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