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Published 5 years ago by axk with 5 Comments

Abandoned World War II/Cold War Military Installation - Adak, Alaska

As I mentioned in my previous post of the church, I recently went on a trip out to the end of the world: Adak, Alaska...one of the furthest Aleutian Islands that is still inhabited by anyone. With a population of barely 100 people, incredibly hostile weather conditions, and a huge number of decaying military facilities that were abandoned after the Cold War, the island is one of the most uniquely beautiful places I've ever been lucky enough to visit. I hope you enjoy a few of the pictures!


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  • jcscher

    I always like looking at abandoned pics,you know there is a story to tell .

    • axk

      Absolutely! I think that's what I love most about places like this. There's always so much history to discover, and there's just something intriguing about seeing a place that's got a finite amount of time left in its existence.

      Hope you enjoyed!

  • kdawson

    Oddly enough I visited Adak when in the Coast Guard in '69 but we weren't allowed to do much exploring due to left over ordinance.

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