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Published 1 year ago with 4 Comments

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  • NinjaKlaus

    Walmart might be a competitor but surely not Target, Target is like if you want to go to a fancier sounding Walmart and spend more for the same stuff.

    This makes me sad, they were the last big toy store standing, as far as I know, having bought KB and FAO years back, how does a virtual monopoly on kids lose, by virtue of being Toy R Us they could have had deals the same as Walmart prices and competed, I guess they refused.

    If they go belly up in all of this I am going to miss them, nothing I love more than their Educational toys section that carries ant farms, geology stuff, telescopes, etc... I guess that means shopping at Hobby Lobby or Michaels Crafts & Fabrics in the future.

    • archmagician

      It will be a real shame if they do go. I take my kids to Toys R Us semi-regularly and each time I go it seems like there's less staff around. Target bombed here in Canada, They didn't last long at all. We have Mastermind Toys but their prices are pretty steep.

      • Appaloosa

        The traditional toy business in general has been whittling away for the past 15 years with the introduction of gaming. Computer games on CD's first, now online/mobile games. If toys are not educational or connected to tech and/or apps, they are going by the wayside. Plus, on-line purchase have really changed the landscape for brick and mortar. There are also fewer toy manufacturers as the prices are driven down while demand is dwindling. It's the perfect storm of business turmoil.

        • archmagician

          Aye, it's a real shame but seems almost inevitable that a few of our most recognisable shops are going to be lost.

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