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  • Blog Management

    To be a productive and successful blogger, you need to master the art of time management. With the best blog management tools and skills, you are sure to grow your audience in no time. Want to learn how to manage your blog efficiently, amidst the busyness of daily life? These tips can make a world of difference to you and your website!

    How will you ever find the time to blog if you’re always busy cleaning your dog’s paw prints on the floor and washing an ever-growing mountain of laundry? On top of that, what if you’re too busy with your day job? Well then, you need to improve your blog time management strategy. There are professional bloggers who do nothing else but write and promote their latest posts, yet most of us only gets a few hours each week to devote to blogging. This is a big cause for frustration for many people.

    You’ll want to ask yourself: how come these people are so good with blog management?! I’m telling you, you are not alone. But how can you keep your blog and not neglect the rest of your life? Well, the following are 11 best practices that can help you with time and blog management.

    1. Set specific goals for your blog How many blog posts are you planning to write every week and every month? • What do you want to write about? • When do you think is the best time to write? • What strategies do you want to undertake to grow your blog? Set specific goals in mind as you approach the week. Proper blog management means working towards the fulfillment of your goals and cutting out all unnecessary things that might distract you. If one of your goals is to increase your blog’s reach through Pinterest, then you may want to spend less time on Twitter and Facebook for quite a while. Spend time on Pinterest more, and think about the new strategies you can try to increase your blog’s traffic. You can also upgrade your blog management skills by learning how to use Photoshop. You know what is best for your blog so why not create and improve the images yourself! Once you have expanded your skill set, you’ll be able to know which types of posts do well on Pinterest. Invest your time into something that can benefit you in the future. Ready to take on a challenge? Write down 5 goals for your blog this coming month. Post them somewhere near your study or work table, near your to-do lists. You should be able to accomplish those in a matter of weeks! I believe in you. You can do this!

    2. When it’s time to write, just write A lot of bloggers have full-time jobs, and may have a hard time balancing several tasks. Some are employed in huge companies dealing with demanding bosses, while some are full-time mothers who are taking care of their children. Naturally, there may be around 20 life priorities (or more?!) for you that comes in ahead of blog management. That is why you need to remember this—once you start working on your posts, you need to make the most of your blogging time. Great writing skills is part of good blog management. Concentrate and eliminate all distractions. Once you’ve figured out a specific topic and the best time to write, keep your writing sessions on track. Write with your ideal reader in mind. If you only have 30 minutes to write every day, you better make it count. One of the best blog post tips you can follow—approach each material with purpose and focus. Develop your blogging voice. Having a blog management strategy doesn’t necessarily mean scheduling official brainstorming sessions regularly. Fresh ideas and cool concepts for your blog can come up any time of the day. Since ideas can turn up whenever and wherever you can, make sure that you take note of everything. Bring a handy notepad and list down your thoughts. You might forget the little details! An application like Evernote can prove to be a great blog management tool for you if you always prefer to use your mobile phone when taking down notes. This will allow you to document all the concepts that may arise while on your way to the grocery store or on the bus ride home!

    3. Expect multiple drafts The hardest thing about writing blog posts is getting started. Crafting that opening paragraph – that “engage them or lose them” introduction part – is tough. We all have our own writing styles and blog management routines. Some bloggers would write only a few drafts, some would wrap up around after a lot of revisions. Meeks’ popular e-book entitled "Simple Blogging" can give you an important guideline on drafting your blog post properly. Unfortunately, this e-book is no longer in print, but I’m telling you, we should take note of that one tip it suggests—your first draft should be written without pressing the delete key.

    Read on here and download our free blog management spreadsheet!


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